How to Stimulate Breast Growth Naturally?

It is natural for many women to desire larger, fuller and firmer breasts. It makes them feel and look more womanly and sexy as well. Despite the increasing popularity of breast augmentation surgery, it is far too expensive, not to mention very risky as well, to many women.

Fortunately, as alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular as well, there have been many discoveries that naturally help enhance breasts.

Here are some ways on how to stimulate breast growth naturally:

Gaining Weight

Breasts are mainly composed of fat tissues. They usually shrink when a woman loses some weight and people who weigh more tend to have bigger breasts as well. If you want to increase breast size, you would want to gain weight as well to deposit chunks of fat to your breasts and make them bigger.

There are certain fats that are good for your body so it isn’t really harmful to your health to gain a bit more weight. Such fats are found in olive oil, peanuts, walnuts, low-fat cheese and others. Gaining more weight and increasing fat deposit in your body can inevitably increase your breast size.

Diet Rich in Soy Products

According to the US National Institute of Health, soy products are rich in estrogen-like compound known as isoflavones. Isoflavones work just like an estrogen which helps produce milk in a lactating mammal’s breasts. By stimulating more milk production, your breast size increases as well as more milk stored is available.

But, soy products are not scientifically proven method on how to stimulate breast growth naturally. It is said that eating low-processed soy products such as tofu, soy milk and edamame can naturally increase breast size as they stimulate the increase of estrogen hormones in breasts. Whereas highly processed soy products can halt the development and progress of your breasts.


There are also herbs that have been used for centuries now that are said to help promote and stimulate breast growth. One of them is licorice which has been found to contain estrogen and prolactin which are both essential in breast growth and development. Licorice contains high amounts of both which account for its efficacy in enhancing breasts.

Another herb that has been used for hundreds of years already to promote breast growth is flax seed. Flax seed is high in phytoestrogen content which is essential in breast cell growth and development. By incorporating flax seed into your food, you get high amounts of hormone that promotes the production of breast cells thereby increasing your breast size.

Essential Oils

Many firmly believe that massaging certain essential oils around your breasts each day can help stimulate it to grow and increase in size. Fennel and anise oils are both essential oils that were found to contain anethole, a powerful estrogen-stimulating compound. Herbs containing such compound are best brewed and drank like a tea to directly stimulate breast growth.

These are just some of ways on how to stimulate breast growth naturally. Now you have natural options if you want bigger and fuller breast size to make you feel more confident and beautiful.